Vine successor Byte will share all its ad revenue to lure early creators

The money for the pool will come from ads, but Byte stressed that you won’t see pre-rolls, mid-feed ads or retargeting. The pilot phase of the program will funnel all of the ad revenue to Partner Program members, although that’s clearly going to change once the effort launches in earnest.

Don’t expect to start making a living as a Byte influencer for a while. The pilot is due to start in the US in 60 to 90 days, and it’ll be invitation-only at first. The company is promising “multiple ways” to help creators get paid, though, so you may have other ways to rake in cash if and when you hit the big time. The challenge, of course, is building up Byte in the first place. It’s still soon to know if Byte will recreate Vine’s heyday and lure people away from the likes of Instagram or TikTok, or meet the untimely fate of many other social media apps.