Twitch’s Mod View puts all of its moderation tools in one place

The company describes Mod View as a “customizable home” for all the tools moderators need to do their job. It features a series of widgets they can move and resize to their liking. Each one allows mods to complete an action they previously had to type into chat to execute. Twitch says the widgets better allow allows mods to take action without losing track of the stream and chat they’re currently watching.

Mod View also includes a dock that makes some of the other impactful actions a mod can take easier to access. Each icon can be moved as needed, and they provide a preview of stats like stream uptime. Another nifty feature is a dedicated space that allows moderators to look up a user’s history on the channel, which should help them make more informed decisions. Lastly, there’s a feature that displays a queue of potentially offensive messages caught by Twitch’s AutoMod tool, making it easier for mods to allow those messages to post to chat or deny them altogether.

The above tools will only be as useful as the moderators using them, and whether they’re effective or not will depend on the limits and rules streamers impose on their channels. Still, hard-working moderators are likely to appreciate their addition all the same.