Try Bruce Campbell’s Fake Blood Recipe…If You Dare

Halloween is the perfect time for horror, gore, and blood—but most of us are sadly limited to around five liters, which is not nearly enough supply to decorate a spooky party. That’s where the fake stuff comes in!

Back in August during San Diego Comic-Con, we got a chance to sit down with someone who knows an awful lot about splatter: horror icon Bruce Campbell. During the interview, the Evil Dead series star shared his favorite recipe for when it’s time to get generously gruesome. We tried it out for ourselves, and got blood absolutely everywhere.


Sound like the perfect spooky activity for today? Check out our video above, or read on for a transcript of our chat with Campbell. Hail to the king…of faux gore!

[Bruce Campbell as Evil Dead’s Ash Williams]: Groovy.

Bruce Campbell: It’s homemade. The cheapest is the best. So you take Karo syrup, you can still find it. Empty about a third of it out, you gotta have some room to add stuff. Go get a full bottle of red food coloring.

[Ash Williams]: Come get some.

Campbell: Boom, put the whole thing in. Blue food coloring. Take a couple of drops, only a couple. Now you need a non-dairy creamer. Pour that in and it makes it opaque.


[Ash Williams]: Groovy.

Campbell: Shake the whole thing around and test it, just pour a little drop, and it should be nice and opaque. Nice and red but not too red, not purple, and not pink. So there you go, cheap, cheap. It’ll cost ya, the whole recipe, about six bucks.


[Ash Williams]: Now come on, drink up.

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