The Cyber Monday Mac Bundle ft. Parallels Pro is on sale today

This bundle is jam-packed with excellent apps for productivity, fun and self-enrichment. You get access to Parallel Pros, for example, a program that empowers you to run Windows 10 on your Mac without compromising performance or rebooting. In other words, you can run native Windows programs or even games on your Mac without risking any damage to your device or software.

Similarly, this bundle comes with Luminar 4, the world’s first AI-powered photo editor. Unlike very hands-on photo editing apps like Photoshop, this program enables photographers of any skill level to edit photos at scale quickly. 

In addition to these two featured apps, you also get other useful software. That includes a dynamic PDF editor, a well-rated VPN, a robust calendar, a must-have screen recorder, a language-learning solution and so much more.

Apps included:

  • Parallels Desktop Pro ($100 value)

  • Luminar 4 ($80)

  • PDFpenPro 12 ($130)

  • Goose VPN: Lifetime Subscription ($499)

  • BusyCal 3 ($50)

  • Screen Recorder 2021 ($40)

  • uTalk: Lifetime Subscription ($84)

  • eDraw MindMaster ($129)

  • Gemini 2 ($40)

  • Dropzone 4 Pro ($35)

  • ForkLift 3 ($50)

  • Art Text 4 ($30)

Mac users have a fantastic piece of gear at their disposal and can take their productivity, fun and self-enrichment to the next level with this extended Cyber Monday deal. The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro & Luminar 4, typically $1,266, is $42 for a limited time only with coupon code CMSAVE40.

Prices subject to change.

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