The best 2-in-1 tablets for 2019

Whether it’s a tablet or a phone, the reasons to pick Samsung over other brands tend to be their typically superior displays and the useful S Pen. But for the Galaxy Book 2, you might also appreciate the fact that it comes with built-in gigabit LTE support. It adds the underrated convenience of always being online no matter where you go (cell coverage notwithstanding), and is best for someone who always needs to be updating Google Docs or a blog.

However, since the Book 2 runs Windows on an ARM-based Snapdragon CPU, it’s limited by slightly laggy performance and a smaller selection of apps (compared to full Windows). Still, Microsoft and Qualcomm continue to work on the software to make the experience as close to standard Windows as possible. For now, if you need a beefy machine, go for a Surface Pro. If your workflow doesn’t depend on obscure apps or you won’t be editing videos or photos, then the Book 2 might be right for you. Plus, at just $999 including a keyboard and the S Pen, this is the most affordable option on our list.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Book 2 – $1,000+


All these options hover around the $1,000 price, which is admittedly a lot to spend on a device that’s not a full-fledged laptop. But a good 2-in-1 can be the best travel companion on your business trips, and these are the industry’s finest offerings, making whichever one you pick a worthy investment. Just think how much work you can get done armed with one of these.