Daisy Ridley Has a Funny Memory of That Hug Scene With Carrie Fisher That’s Going to Be in The Rise of Skywalker

Ridley and Fisher. Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

The late Carrie Fisher is known for bringing sharp humor to her time working on film sets. The scenes of hers used in The Rise of Skywalker are no different.

The most notable of the known scenes, first recorded for The Force Awakens, being used in the upcoming Star Wars film is a scene featuring a hug between Rey and General Organa. We don’t yet know to what purpose that scene will be used in the final film in the Skywalker Saga, but we do know a bit more about what it was like filming it, thanks to Daisy Ridley.


In a recent interview with Vulture, Ridley confirmed that she has a strong memory of filming that scene.

“[Fisher] was actually whispering, ‘This is a fucking long hug!’” she told Vulture, laughing. “I was trying to do my acting, like, ‘Oh my god, Carrie!’ There wasn’t any discussion about what we were gonna do.”


For one of Fisher’s last scenes to be put into a film, that’s honestly perfect. As for the scene’s place in the film, Ridley said, “[The original in The Force Awakens is] not a million miles away from what this scene is. I found it very moving to watch, because I do remember the original. And it’s a strange thing to do, for someone that’s not around anymore to be brought back to life. It’s eerie that it resonates so much with what the story is this time. It’s pretty amazing.”


The Rise of Skywalker comes to theatres December 20, 2019. 

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