The next ‘Elite Dangerous’ expansion lets players walk on planets

To date, Elite Dangerous players have had to enjoy the game’s recreation of the Milky Way Galaxy from the confines of their spaceships and landing vehicles, but that will soon change. For the MMO’s next expansion, Odyssey, players will be able to explore new worlds on foot.

The update will build on 2015’s Horizons DLC, which gave players the chance to land on planets. Like Elite‘s current slate of missions, the game’s upcoming ground adventures will see players engage in diplomacy, trade, stealth and combat. Series creator Frontier Developments says battles on the surface of planets will require you to work with your teammates and think about how you equip your character. You’ll also need to keep an eye to the sky as spaceships will be able to take part in battles, as will the game’s SRV ground vehicles.