Apple Watch Series 5 is on sale for $300 at Amazon

The Series 5’s only major upgrade over its predecessor is the always-on display, but it’s a dramatic one — it fundamentally changes how you use the Apple Watch, making it easy to glimpse the time or your workout progress without flicking your wrist. It gives your watch more character when you’re not using it, too. And apart from that, this is still a highlight capable watch with good fitness tracking (if not as robust as more dedicated watches), brisk performance, a rich app ecosystem and clever features like Apple Pay and noise level detection.

It’s not flawless. The always-on screen doesn’t hurt battery life as much as you might think, but you’ll likely want to charge every day (thankfully, this is very easy). There’s a wide array of highly customizable watch faces built-in, you can’t officially add your own. And of course, you need an iPhone just to use this in the first place — you’ll need to turn elsewhere if you have an Android phone. At $300, though, the Series 5 is an easy sell if you’re firmly in the iPhone camp and want a quality all-purpose wearable.

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